Which Types of Flooring Are Best for Cats?

June is National Adopt a Cat Month, and there are plenty of furry felines who need a friend. Cats are certainly cuddly creatures, but there are a few questions you should ask before bringing one home based on pure emotion.

One of the most important things to consider is whether or not your home is an ideal environment for a cat. While cats can adapt to many types of environments, you should be sure your flooring can handle a new pet.

Some of the main flooring factors to consider include:

  • Your cat’s comfort
  • The scratch resistance of the floor
  • Whether or not the floor will stain easily
  • How easy it is to clean up


While it may be appealing for other reasons, hardwood might not be the best choice for cats. This flooring type can be easily scratched if it doesn’t have a protective coating. If your cat has an accident, be sure to wipe it up quickly because pet urine can stain wood flooring, leaving dark spots and unpleasant smells.

Be sure to place a mat under water bowls to avoid water damage. You should also keep your cat’s nails trimmed or filed to avoid scratches. Damaged areas may need to be stripped, sanded, and refinished. On the other hand, hardwood flooring is easy to vacuum or sweep and is somewhat comfortable for critters.


Laminate flooring is known for its stain resistance and durability which means it can hold up to lots of wear and tear. This flooring option is also quite easy to clean. Laminate may scratch but marks are typically less noticeable than they are on some other options including hardwood.

Your pet may slip and slide a bit on laminate, but that typically happens more so with dogs than cats. Laminate might be uncomfortable for your cat to lie on, but an area rug or pet bed can be a simple solution.


Bamboo flooring stands up to heavy traffic including those cat paws. It won’t wear easily and is also stain resistant. Bamboo also doesn’t scratch easily and is fairly easy to clean. This flooring option is one of the favorites for cat owners and is also a green choice as it’s completely renewable.

Natural Stone

Stone does not scratch easily, and when it does those scratches don’t show very much. It’s easy to clean up messes on natural stone flooring. This option is hard and cold so it may not be very comfortable for your cats.


Tile is a great option if you need flooring that can hold up to wear and tear. It won’t scratch easily and accidents can be cleaned up without damaging the floor. Like many other flooring options, tile can be a bit hard and uncomfortable for cats to lie on, but this can be easily remedied.


Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain and is also scratch and stain resistant. Vinyl flooring is also more comfortable for cats than some other options. This type of flooring is good for heavy traffic so if you have cats and kids it may be your best choice.


To be honest, carpet is not the best choice for cats. One positive quality is that carpet is very comfortable for cats. If you choose this flooring type, get carpet without loops so your cat’s nails won’t snag and tear the floor.

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